Our Best-selling Children’s Books

Over 18 years of publishing, we know which of our diverse picture books is the standout bestseller overall; but until this year, we could never predict which of our new titles would become popular. Despite meticulously tracking sales and marketing, we were always surprised by which book became a favorite in any given year.

Of course, we think all of our multicultural kids’ books are exceptionally well-written and gloriously illustrated—educating while entertaining. But we’re tickled to finally be able to state which titles will continue to please readers for years to come. Some of the data shocked us; we’ll explain…

First, we know you’re dying to learn which of all our books has sold the most. It’s Crumbs on the Stairs – Migas en las escaleras: A Mystery written and illustrated by Karl Beckstrand. This was the second book we published—and the first bilingual one. We feel that the anticipation and surprise ending, along with a Spanish-English pronunciation guide and colorful images of diverse characters, have contributed to the more than 10,000 copies in circulation (thousands more including ebooks).

Okay, here’s what surprised us over the past 18 months: Two of our most popular books were released years ago—and, frankly, didn’t do very well as new releases: The Dancing Flamingos of Lake Chimichanga, illustrated by Ashley Sanborn and Muffy & Valor: A True Dog Story, illustrated by Brandon Rodriguez. Both books floundered on publication, but hit number 3 and 5, respectively, for our 2021 sales. These funny and touching stories written by Beckstrand continue to trend well.

Sanborn’s other titles, If Cancer Was a Fish (written by Tiffany Berg Coughran) and Polar Bear Bowler: A Story Without Words (written by Beckstrand and praised by Publisher’s Weekly) are rising in popularity in connection, we feel, with the surging popularity of The Dancing Flamingos.

We had clear standouts from the gate with new releases, GROW: How We Get Food from Our Garden, illustrated by Zanara, and Gopher Golf: A Wordless Picture Book, illustrated by Jordan C. Brun. GROW came out with a bang and will soon overtake Crumbs on the Stairs in our all-time number one slot. It has not been difficult to predict the success of these two books by Beckstrand; they are clearly reader favorites.

Our second biggest seller of all time (also soon to be overtaken by GROW) is a collection: 4 Spanish-English Books for Kids by Beckstrand, which includes Crumbs on the Stairs; Sounds in the House – Sonidos en la casa: A Mystery (illustrated by Channing Jones); She Doesn’t Want the Worms – Ella no quiere los gusanos (illustrated by David Hollenbach); and Arriba Up, Abajo Down at the Boardwalk—children’s books (bound in one volume) with nods from Kirkus and School Library Journal.

Another Spanish/bilingual kid’s book that did well (coming in seventh in 2021): It Came from Under the High Chair: A Mystery. Our Spanish and bilingual books come with a language pronunciation guide in English and/or Spanish.

A solid performer year after year is Bright Star, Night Star: An Astronomy Story by Beckstrand and illustrated by Luis F. Sanz (who also illustrated Why Juan Can’t Sleep: A Mystery). It came in sixth place for 2021.

Two new additions to our Young American Immigrants series by Beckstrand round out our top sellers for 2021: Nonfiction children’s biographies, Agnes’s Rescue: The True Story of an Immigrant Girl (from Scotland) and Samuel Sailing: The True Story of an Immigrant Boy (from South Africa). Others in the series are Ida’s Witness and Anna’s Prayer (Swedish sisters).

Many of these books have been number one in their category on Amazon. Two more of Beckstrand’s titles are recommended for learning activities: Bad Bananas: A Story Cookbook (illustrated by Jeff Faerber) and The Bridge of the Golden Wood: A Parable on How to Earn a Living (selected by the State of Vermont for career curriculum). You’ll find sweet treats, laughs, and family fun time. Ask your librarian/major distributor for any of our 160 products! Premio Publishing & Gozo Books

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