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Grow! How We Get Food from Our Garden (Food Books for Kids, Book 3) Free on Kindle Unlimited (or $2.99 for ebook) by Karl Beckstrand, Genre: Children’s Book. Opened at #1 in five categories. Giveaways below

A black child and grandfather till, plant, and harvest fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and grains in a colorful picture book. This tongue twister for children ages 4 – 7 (preschool – 2nd grade) includes online tips for starting your own garden. Kids love to see things grow. Learn basic gardening and find the animals (revealed in online extras). 325 dyslexic-friendly words by award-winning author and media professor Karl Beckstrand (She Doesn’t Want the Worms: A Mystery [English- Spanish] Goodreads * Amazon

Media professor Karl Beckstrand is the bestselling and award-winning author/illustrator of 23 multicultural/multilingual books and more than 60 ebook titles (reviews by Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, School Library Journal, The Horn Book, ForeWord Reviews). Raised in San Jose, CA, he has a B.A. in journalism from BYU, an M.A. in international relations from APU, and a broadcast/film certificate from Film A. Academy. Since 2004 he has run Premio Publishing. His survival western, To Swallow the Earth, won a 2016 International Book Award. Beckstrand has presented to Taiwan’s Global Leadership for Youth, city and state governments, festivals, and schools. His nationally lauded Y.A. stories, ebook mysteries, nonfiction, Spanish/bilingual/ESL, wordless, career, and STEM books feature ethnically diverse characters–and usually end with a twist. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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 Exciting Diverse Books in the Works

As publishers in perhaps the most competitive genre there is (children’s books), we seek to make our offerings stand out from the average kid’s book. Our story books have multicultural and biracial characters, online secrets/bonus material, and language or STEM learning disguised as entertaining/humorous stories with (typically) twisted or surprise endings.

We have been gratified that our picture books continue to be ordered by libraries, schools, and families via major distributors. We have several exciting books in the works:

  • GROW! How We Get Food from Our Garden (final art and text are being laid out)
  • Gopher Golf: A Wordless Book (third in our Stories Without Words series – being illustrated)
  • Agnes’s Rescue: The True Story of an Immigrant Girl (being illustrated)
  • Samuel Sailing: The True Story of an Immigrant Boy (being written)
  • Unnamed autobiography of Vernard L. Beckstrand (being edited)
  • More Than Two Choices (somewhat autobiographical story by Publisher Karl Beckstrand, being written)

We hope you peruse all our diverse books, ebooks, and audiobook at (many have video trailers) and love them enough to leave stars/comments in online venues.

Read a Book with No Words

MIDVALE, Utah, Nov. 26, 2014 — Want to help kids cement their vocabulary skills? A new book—without words—can do just that.  Polar Bear Bowler: A Story Without Words is designed to help children create their own narration to engaging, funny images. It is Karl Beckstrand’s eleventh book.

Illustrated by Ashley Sanborn of Lehi, UT, the story is about a Polar Bear that hitches a ride to Antarctica. He’s never seen penguins before; to him they look like something fun to play with. So, the fun begins. The new title has been translated into more than twenty languages.

What would you do if Old MacDonald’s animals ruined your catering business? Ma MacDonald’s response is pretty clever in Beckstrand’s twelfth book: Ma MacDonald Flees the Farm. Activities include finding and naming animals and foods (for ages 3 – 8). The 32-page, soft cover and ebook was  illustrated by Alycia Mark of Providence, UT.

True to its multicultural tradition, Premio Publishing’s books feature learning activities and characters of color. Premio’s mystery and language books, non-fiction, ebooks and app are nationally-lauded, invite family learning and together time, and often end with surprises. Premio is celebrating its tenth year.

Most titles may be found via, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble/NOOK,, iTunes, Follett/Title Wave, Ingram, Mackin and select booksellers.

Bad Bananas: A Story Cookbook for Kids

Author interview
Bad Bananas – A Story Cookbook for Kids is a wisecracking picture book on the short (shelf) life of a bunch of bruisers, with seven recipes that kids can make with their families.
P: Who did you write this book for? KB: “This book is for anyone suffering from ‘I’m borrred’ disease (maybe more for their families—as a kind of comic intervention).
P: Where did you get the idea for Bad Bananas? KB: “I just started to get these wisecracking lines about bad bananas–as rebels of the fruit world.”
P: As a children’s author, what made you write a cookbook? KB: “It was my editor’s idea. When she saw the storyline, she thought it would be a perfect activity book with recipes.”
P: There’s a lot of clever word-play in this book, is that intended for adults? KB: “Yes. I think we’ve all read books to kids that were better at putting the adult to sleep. I like to keep my stories fun for adults and kids–I especially like a surprise you don’t expect.”
P: Who did the illustrations? KB: “Jeff Faerber, a New York artist.”
P: Tell us about the illustrations; how did you two come up with the imagery? KB: “I started doodling images of these gang-banger bananas, with sticker tattoos, pierced peels and spiked-hair stems. I got the idea that they would have turf issues with rival bunches (grapes). Jeff Faerber added the red-necked renegades. Then there’s a biker banana and some fun pop-culture allusions…”
P: Tell us a little about the story. KB: “It walks you through the taboo subject of where bananas come from. As the characters take crazy dares and trying silly stunts, you see them mature and you learn how to use them in recipes.” 
P: What recipes come with the story? KB: “Banana cookies, smoothies, pancakes, muffins, fruit salad, banana pudding, plus more recipes on our web site. They’re low sugar, and they’re delicious.”
P: What do you like the most about the story KB: “Aside from the humor and the treats, I really like the message, that even a bad banana can turn out good.”
P: Who do you hope will buy your book? KB: “Anyone who knows a child; even older kids can enjoy the more subtle humor. It’s something fun the family can do together, trying different recipes on different days.”
P: What do you hope that readers will get out of this book? KB: “Family laughs, hands-on fun, and treats!”
P: If you could compare this book to any book out there, which book would it be? KB: “I saw a book about a witch that had a recipe at the end–Bad Bananas has so many elements to discover on each page, I feel it involves the reader much more.”
P: This is your fifth picture book; what other kinds of books do you have? KB: “Funny bedtime stories to help kids overcome fear, Spanish and bilingual books with text and pronunciation guide in one or both languages, a historical non-fiction about a girl—from my family’s history–who immigrated at ten years old, not knowing English, and what she did when she arrived alone at her U.S. destination.”
P: Beckstrand’s books have been favorably reviewed nationwide–including a nod in the Horn Book’s blog review. His first bilingual book: Crumbs on the Stairs – Migas en las escaleras: A Mystery has been purchased by schools and libraries across the country. Most of his stories have minority or bi-racial characters. He has 21 titles on and Kindle (add a review!). His titles are also available via, Baker & Taylor, Follett Library Resources/BWI Title Wave,, Brodart, Ingram and iTunes/Kobo/Sony. Ask for his books at your favorite bookstore or library.

Posted by Karl Beckstrand at 9/19/2011 12:51 PM