Where would I be without my brothers and sister? Dead, I suppose. Friends come in and out of view–and that’s convenient and fine–but siblings are eternal. They know your history (and often love you in spite of it). Being the youngest, I had brothers and a sister to try the hard things before me and show me they’re doable (or that it’s okay to fail). Sometimes I hated them. We were stingy with one another. I often got put down or left out. But they shared a great deal, including friends. My siblings saved me from being more of a geek than I currently am.

Yeah, they don’t behave the way I want them to (this is a critical lesson for coexisting with other mortals–I pity the kid who lives without a sibling). Who hasn’t wanted to write their family off at some point in life? My siblings have pulled me back time and again. When life got bumpy, Nels, Heather and Chris were my home. They’ve shown me that family is the supreme priority. They have shown me that the world will never satisfy a soul. They gave me new siblings in their spouses. They have saved my life.

My family is my connection to the human family, to all the good that my ancestors gave, to all the good that my siblings and I learn and share with one another. We have the best conversations–sometimes heated–but we learn from one another; and we know we will love one another long after we’ve forgotten any disagreement.

Family is jostling love. Family is forever.

Posted by Karl Beckstrand at 9/15/2011 4:05 PM